Frank Green - Pack of 2 Porcelain Bowls w Lid Cloud

our innovative reusable porcelain bowls are 100% plastic free and totally airtight. perfect for home and work – stopping the need for single-use plastic containers and harmful plastic wrap. 

  • set of 2
  • 1x large bowl: 50 fl oz | 1500 ml
  • 1 x small bowl: 24 fl oz | 700 ml
  • all-in-one cooking, serving & storage solution
  • freezer, microwave, oven & dishwasher safe
  • smart venting system 
  • airtight, heat-proof silicone seal
  • 2 practical sizes for everyday use
  • bowls nest together for compact storage
  • shatter-resistant borosilicate glass lids
  • made from recyclable materials
  • 100% plastic free
  • dimensions: large = 185mm diameter x 95mm high. small = 150mm diameter x 70mm high

frank tips & tricks

we have engineered a smart venting system to properly seal your new frank green bowls. 

step 1: pull to open

simply pull the lid vent up to release the airtight seal. when the vent is open, pull the lid to remove.

step 2: push to close

place the lid over your bowl, then push the top vent down to create an airtight seal.